Marine Centre of Excellence & National Centre for Coastal Tourism:-

  • Establishing a base for maritime engineering
  • A Pan Wales Marine Tourism Centre in partnership with maritime organisations and Governing bodies, creating a single point of contact for all maritime leisure activities along the Welsh coastline.
  • To establish a RYA academy for sail and power
  • Support facilities and teaching base for sea rowing / sea kayaking / diving and paddle boarding
  • Food, retail and short stay accommodation
  • Proposed employment :- 16

 Mcoe 01 002

 Mcoe 03 002

Historic Tall Ship recreation:-

A true recreation of a tall masted vessel that once worked out of Saundersfoot Harbour

Within the vessel would be:-

  • A base for maritime and Coal interpretation that founded the Harbour
  • Visitor and education centre
  • Family crabbing centre
  • Support for the community events program
  • Establish a base for an iconic events program for Pembrokeshire and Wales

 Conceptual Drawing below

Events Deck 03A 002

Schooner Internal View 02 002

Events Deck 01 002

National Events Deck

With its 20,000 square ft of all-weather treated decking, offering all year-round use, will be a unique public open space area for Saundersfoot, offering a venue both for Community and National scale events, ranging from theatrical and musical performances and food and craft festivals, which will undoubtable become one of Wales most iconic events venue.

Conceptual Drawing below

National Events Deck 

Coal Office and Ocean Square:-

It is the intention to redevelop the old Coal Office in support of the Harbours Industrial Heritage, as well as establishing a wet weather facility and additional tourism opportunities for visitors to the village.

  • A new central focus to the village
  • Welcome Visitor Centre
  • Community Project:- Heritage and Interpretation Centre
  • In support of the Wales coastal path for walkers and cyclists, as a hub for South Pembrokeshire
  • In support of the Marine Centre of Excellence as budget accommodation
  • Commercial Centre for local craft / food with incentives to encourage new start-up companies that promte Pembrokeshire and Wales
  • A coverd Plaza that opens and closes, that will give shelter and supports the community events program.
  • Proposed employment:-  25

Conceptual Drawing below

Ocean Square 01 002

Ocean Square 02 002