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Corona X Parley

Plastic is a design failure. It has no place in our environment, nor in our economy. There’s no closed loop for a faulty material that never dies. About 40 percent of plastic produced worldwide goes to packaging, items intended to be used once and then discarded. One notorious example: plastic six pack rings, which harm life in the oceans.

Expression of interest for MCOE

Just a reminder to all that the Marine Centre Of Excellence's expression of interest closes on July 15th.

2019 Saundersfoot Harbour Festival

The 2019 Harbour Festival was a great success.

Alcohol awareness campaign

Royal Yachting Association and British Ports Association welcome announcement of a new national alcohol awareness campaign.

Wales Coast Path Augmented Reality App

  • Discover more about Saundersfoot Harbour and the path using cutting edge technology with the app
  • The app is a great way to explore Wales’ beautiful and diverse coastline pulling in the various elements that make it such a popular “place” to visit from tourists to locals.
  • It’s free to download, making it perfect for families looking for affordable days out over the summer holidays

Why not entertain the family during the summer holidays with a walk on the path using the app?

Saundersfoot's New Seafood Deli

Harold O'Vinegars Seafood deli

Welsh Ramblers on the Harbour

Wales Coast Path Festival 2019 With the Welsh Ramblers

Saunderswoof 2019

Saunderswoof is an event held here at Saundersfoot Harbour and will take place on Wednesday 24th of April. 

Lotus Car Club

Lotus Car Club will be at Saundersfoot Harbour.

Glen Beach Footpath from the Harbour is Re-opened

Glen Beach Footpath from the Harbour is Re-opened


The Saundersfoot Harbour Festival on the National Events Deck

Saundersfoot Harbour Festival June 30th 2019.

Saundersfoot Harbour Festival

Saundersfoot Heritage land Train

New Attraction Coming To Saundersfoot.

Crabbing Activities on the National Events Deck on Saundersfoot Harbour

Saundersfoot's Family Crabbing Area

Saundersfoot Harbours' Family Crabbing Area is Now Open

Rock The Castle at Pembroke Castle

'Rock The Castle'

Car Park season tickets SOLD OUT

Car Park seasons ticket Have now sold out.

Saundersfoot Harbour

The Harbour, 
SA69 9HE


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