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New Heritage Centres

The Wales International Coastal Centre on Saundersfoot Harbour is soon to become home to a new heritage and interpretation centre, suitable for all ages, exploring Saundersfoot's heritage, and the wider significance of the sea and our coastline. Spread over three locations on Saundersfoot Harbour, visitors can discover the history of Saundersfoot and its industrial roots in the old Coal Office, Pembrokeshire's rich maritime heritage in the Coastal Schooner, and how our environment affects us in the Storm Centre.

The Coal Office

Visitors will begin their journey discovering Saundersfoot's origins and the development and the significance of the Coal Industry in Pembrokeshire, its rise in importance globally, resulting in the construction of the Harbour, and Pembrokeshire coal's ultimate decline in the last century. The Centre will look how the local mining families lived, their struggles, and how conditions and mining methods improved over time.


On the ground floor of the Old Coal Office, Ocean Square, Saundersfoot Harbour. Enter from the Harbour Car Park.



The Coal Office is planned for completion in early 2022.

Coastal Schooner Experience

Climb aboard a life-size Schooner, man the helm and climb the rigging. Just don't throw any men overboard!

Visitors will learn how the rise of the mining in the area meant the construction of Saundersfoot Harbour which was soon to be full of coal-laden ships for export globally. What was life like on board ship in the age of sail? What were the dangers? Where did they sail to? And what happened when some Pembrokeshire locals took to a life of piracy?

Also aboard is a cafe, and the chance to try out abseiling and rope climbing!


On the National Events Deck, Saundersfoot Harbour. The Coastal Schooner is wheelchair accessible.



The Coastal Schooner is planned for completion in early 2022.



The Storm Centre

Visitors will have discovered Saundersfoot's coastal heritage in the Coal Office and Coastal Schooner and now step back into the present day to focus on our current climate and what causes those everyday events which we take for granted. What are tides? Why do we have storms? Why is the sky blue? Visitors will be be able to explore these topics in a hands-on learning environment, experiencing a storm at sea, and learning more about our world, and the effects of climate and coastal erosion on our lives.


On the 2nd floor of the Marine Centre of Excellence, Saundersfoot Harbour. An elevator is available to the left of the stairs.



The Storm Centre is planned for completion in early 2022.



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